Spa Day At Home Essentials

If you are desperately in need of a self-care day, then you just need a handful of products to have a spa-like feeling at home.

Here is all you need for a spa day at home:

Sheet masks

They are easy, quick, fuss-free, and cheap. You can get them online. It’s a great way to put moisture and nutrients back into the skin after exfoliation.

Lip masks

While you are giving your skin the required nutrients through a sheet mask, throw on a lip mask too, and let your lips feel pampered as well.

Hair mask

Self-care day is incomplete without hair care, so get a good hair mask for your dry and frizzy hair. For extra nourishment, you can steam your hair after applying the mask.

Epsom salt

It’s known to relax your muscles, so while you have all the masks in place, dip your feet in a bucket of warm water with Epsom salt in it for a more relaxed feeling.

Herbal tea

Sipping on herbal is another way to relax while you take care of your hair and skin. Hibiscus tea is a good option for such days.

Bath bombs

After thoroughly relaxing, take a nice bath and use a bath bomb for this. It’s very satisfying to look at bath bombs getting dissolved in the water.

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