Romantic Messages and Texts to send to your girlfriend

Apart from “I love you” quotes that are mentioned on greeting cards or online images, you can even select the greetings or messages that are customized as per your emotions and feelings for your partner.

Here is a list of romantic quotes for your girlfriend or wife or a life partner.

If I really know what love is, it is all because of you. If you were not in my life, I would have never understood the importance of a life partner. Thanks for being you and always being there for me in all good and bad times.

I feel in love with you not because of your looks or income. My love for you started the moment I found you courageous, sincere, and having respect for small to big people.

I promise that I will love you forever. Not just now, tomorrow, or in a few years, but forever is the love that I feel for you which I want to share with you always.

The moment you shared that you love me is the moment I felt I got a new life to be your husband and take you in my arms to protect you forever.

I became a better person when I met you. I became a better professional when I became your friend. I became a better lover when I married you.

The pleasure that I get when I kiss you on your lips is not for the moment. It is lifetime happiness that I am grateful to you to give me.

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