Protect Your Skin From Holi Colours

The colorful day that brings joy and happiness is not too away.

Holi 2023 brings new hope and enthusiasm as the preparation has begun in all corners.

Along with all the Holi preparations, it’s also important to care for your skin.

If you want to protect your skin during the holi party, here are some skincare tips to help you.

Oil your skin pre-holi blast

Make sure to nourish your skin with natural and essential oil before the Holi celebration. The oil prevents your skin from sticking to the colours and further skin damage.

Don’t use soap and face wash to wash out the holi colours

Use herbal or natural products to remove the colour. You can also use homemade DIY hacks such as haldi-besan paste to remove the colours.

Paint your nails before the holi party

Don’t forget to paint your nails with dark colours before the holi celebration. Nails are sensitive area where colours can stick easily and are hard to remove.

Make your body hydrated

Stay hydrated in the holi party. Water is the best source to make your skin healthy and beautiful, so don’t forget to hydrate yourself. Drink more water in between the party.

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