Prank For Long-Distance Relationship

Surprise virtual dinner date

Order your partner's favorite meal delivery to their doorstep and schedule a video call for a spontaneous dinner together.

Customized e-card or video message

Create a heartfelt digital message or funny video to bring a smile to your loved one's face from afar.

Online scavenger hunt

Set up a virtual scavenger hunt with clues leading to shared memories or inside jokes, adding an element of fun and nostalgia.

Sneaky surprise delivery

Send a mysterious package with a small gift or funny item to brighten your partner's day unexpectedly.

Remote movie night

Coordinate a movie night by streaming the same film simultaneously and share your reactions and thoughts over a call.

Tech-savvy pranks

Play harmless pranks using technology, like sending fake virtual spiders or creating a fake online event invitation for a surprise gathering that doesn't exist.