Pongal 2023: 5 Most Popular Dishes

Pongal is a harvest festival celebrated with much pomp and vigor in South India, especially in Tamil Nadu.

We bring you 5 most popular dishes which you must serve on the occasion

Paal Payasam

Paal Payasam or Kheer is a famous recipe for every festival in India. People love eating something sweet in taste post their meal, Kheer perfectly serves the need.


Pongal or huggi is another popular South Indian rice dish. It is one of the most important dishes of the day. The dish is made up of rice mixed with boiled milk and sugar.

Lemon Rice

It is also known as Chitranna in Kannada. You can add curry leaves, peanuts, onions, mustard seeds, etc. for added flavor and taste.


Vada, one of the most common traditional Pongal dishes, is also served as breakfast in the southern states.

Thayir Sadam

Thayir Sadam commonly known as curd rice is a dish without which no South Indian household is done eating.

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