Period Myths Busted

The period is a process in a woman’s reproductive system where blood and mucosal tissues are discharged from the inner lining of the uterus through the vagina.

Periods can be associated with multiple cultural beliefs and taboos which sets women back.

Myth: Women shed impure blood during periods

Fact: The most common misconception is that period blood is dirty and impure in nature. However, The menstrual cycle is a crucial process in a woman’s reproductive system which enables her to prepare for pregnancy.

Myth: Missing periods indicate pregnancy

Fact: Late or missed periods may occur due to hormonal imbalances like polycystic ovary syndrome, excessive weight, unhealthy diet, illness, or even stress.

Myth: Engaging in physical exercises should be restricted during periods.

Fact: No scientific evidence indicates that exercising during periods can harm your physical health.

Myth: Avoid washing hair during periods

Fact:  No studies indicate that washing hair during periods can have adverse effects hence one should not compromise with their personal hygiene habits during periods.

Myth: Periods should last for exactly one week

Fact: The period cycle differs from one woman to another hence it is natural for a period to be irregular due to changes in the hormone levels.

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