Odia Dishes That Are Worth Trying

Odisha’s vibrant tourism spots and the traditional Odia cuisine make the place stand out.

We have shared a list of famous handpicked Odia dishes that every culinary enthusiast should try.

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People add curd, cucumber, curry leaves, and cumin seeds to fermented rice to make the traditional dish even more delicious.

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Odia special Dalma is cooked with yellow lentils and vegetables in a pot and later tempered with highly nutritious ingredients like Cumin, Hing, Ginger, Red chillies, Ghee, etc.

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The colour of Odia special Rasagolla is light brown in colour due to the touch of caramelised sugar, and it tastes mildly sweet, unlike the Bengali counterfeit.

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Ambila is prepared from an assortment of seasonal vegetables, bamboo shoots (Karadi) and dried mango.

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Dahi Baingana

Dahi Baingan is a unique way of preparing brinjal by deep frying it in quarters and adding them to spiced and cooked yoghurt curry.

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