Neeraj Chopra Workout Routine

Here we will look at Neeraj Chopra’s diet and workout plan.

Neeraj Chopra usually has three-four egg whites, two pieces of bread, a bowl of Dalia, and fruits for breakfast.

Neeraj usually eats curd and rice for lunch, along with pulses, grilled chicken, and salad in lunch.

Neeraj usually eats a lightweight dinner. The dinner mostly comprises soup, boiled vegetables, and fruits.

Neeraj Chopra’s workout routine includes a lot of work with medicine balls.

For his arms and elbows to be in the finest condition possible, he must devote a lot of time to strength training in the gym.

Exercises with a cable pull are crucial because they develop strong shoulders, elbows, and arm muscles.

He improves his shoulder strength further by performing front and side lifts with dumbbells.

Strengthening exercises for the core include Swiss ball crunches and lying oblique crunches.

He performs leg lifts with a concentration on the hamstring to increase his sprint pace.

Neeraj Chopra also performs exercises including squats, snatches, weighted lunges, and time circuits every day.

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