Natural Remedies To Control High Cholesterol

If the amount of Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in your blood is high, you may be diagnosed with high cholesterol.

Your risk of developing high cholesterol may increase if you consume a lot of foods that are high in cholesterol, saturated fats, and trans fats.

Fortunately, there are some natural remedies to control high cholesterol.


Flaxseed is obtained from the flax plant and it is rich in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an omega-3 fatty acid that is known to reduce the risk of heart disease, according to Healthline.

How to consume flaxseed

Grind it in a coffee grinder, and store the ground flaxseed in an airtight container for convenient use.


According to certain studies, cinnamon may help regulate blood sugar, guard against heart disease, and lessen inflammation.

How to consume cinnamon

Grind cinnamon to make a powder and consume a pinch of it with lukewarm water on an empty stomach every morning.

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