Must-visit Hill Stations in Bihar

Tourists planning a visit to the state often overlook hill stations and only go to the historical places.

Here are some of the best hill stations in Bihar that are a must-visit if you are taking a tour of the state

Ramshila Hill Station

Ramshila Hill Station is located a few kilometers from Gaya and is known for its scenic views and natural beauty. This is the first choice as far as the magnificent hill stations of Bihar are concerned.

Gurpa Hill Station

Gurpa Hill Station is located in the Gaya district and also goes by the name Kukkutpadgiri among the locals. You can also visit the beautiful temples and Buddhist monasteries along with experiencing scenic beauty and cool temperatures.

Pragbodhi Hill Station

Known as Dhungeswar by the locals, the place is believed to be the home of Gautam Buddha before he attained enlightenment. It is believed that he meditated in a cave located at Pragbodhi Hill Station which is why there are many stupas here.

Pretshila Hill Station

Pretshila is another great hill station in Bihar. A beautiful temple of Ahilya Bai is situated here and people do Pind Daan in the Brahma Kund lake located nearby.

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