Mira Kapoor Skin Care Routine!

Recently, Mira Kapoor shared some simple DIY face packs, oils, and other hacks to keep her skin and hair healthy.

“It is (DIY) one of my favorite approaches to skincare. I have been doing these mixes of all kinds of things from the kitchen since I was probably 14. I still do a lot of the same things…some of the recipes have been tweaked as my skin concerns change or seasons change.”

DIY facial

Mira also shared her go-to DIY facial routine — first, she applies lemon juice on her face. After removing it, she uses a mask made with besan (gram flour) and curd.

You can also add other ingredients; Mira, for instance, adds orange peel powder, moringa powder, neem powder, and so on. Once the mask is semi-dry, rub your skin gradually to remove it.

Raw milk face pack

Mira explained how her mother takes raw milk in a bowl and dabs it on her face with cotton, a method she follows as well. When it dries up, clean it and wipe it again till you finish the milk left in your bowl.

“I like to use about three tablespoons of milk, and I like to add a little bit of rosewater,” the celeb mother said. “It leaves your skin squeaky clean and supple. You can do this every morning.”

DIY hair oil

Hibiscus leaves and flowers 7-8, curry leaves, methi seeds, amla powder or neem powder. Boil the ingredients in coconut oil. Please switch off the gas after one boil, let it cool down before you transfer it to a jar.

DIY hair gel

Boil ½ cup of flax seeds in a pot of water till it gets a gel-like consistency. Strain the gel with a sieve. “I found this gel is quite a good hack for baby hair or when you want your hair to look neat.”

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