Make Gajar ka Halwa At Home With Easy Recipe 

This sweet can be made using different methods. Here, we are going to discuss the traditional method to make delicious gajar ka halwa at home.

Steps to make Gajar ka Halwa

Firstly take some long and red carrots and make them rinse and peel. The next step is to grate the carrots using a grater or food processor. If you don’t have a grater or machine to grate the carrots, you can boil them but it affects the taste.

Take a deep vessel or kadhai, put a good amount of ghee and add the grated carrots into the vessel. Mix the grated carrots well with ghee and after 5-10 minutes add milk appropriately. Make the flame low and mix the carrot and mix properly in order to reduce the milk.

After a few minutes, the mixture started thickening, now add sugar in it as per the quantity you made. Now, add 4-5 cardamom and cardamom powder with finely chopped nuts into the mixture. Mix them well and make them stir and simmer.

After a few minutes the halwa starts to dry, then make the flame off. Finally, gajar ka halwa is ready! Serve this hot halwa with finely chopped nuts and raisins.

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