Make Chicken tikka with leftover roti!

Celebrity chef Amrita Raichand shared a recipe for revamping the all-time favorite chicken tikka. Have a look:


Sliced onions – 1 medium-sized onion Chicken tikka (roughly chopped) – 1 cup Mayonnaise – 2 tbsp Green mint chutney – 2 tbsp Leftover rotis – 2


In a bowl, add the chopped chicken tikka, mayonnaise, green chutney and give it a nice toss. Take the rotis, add the mixture and spread it evenly. Top it with sliced onions and roll them well.

For a better grip, you can wrap the roll in a tissue so that the stuffing doesn’t ooze out from below. Also, make sure to eat them soon after making them so that they don’t turn out soggy.

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