Ideas to tell your partner “Please Marry Me”

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“I love you” and “Please Marry Me” are the two statements that really make things official between you and your girlfriend.

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But if you have apprehensions about confessing these two statements, then we are here to help you out.

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Here are some ideas on proposing to your partner.

Recreate your first dinner date

You can book a special table this time and order foods that excite you both. Make sure to get clicked together and also tell her how adorable she looks in the attire.

Throw a surprise party

Post your dinner, you can make that grand announcement and share why your girlfriend makes you feel that love is too special in life.

Attend her favorite concert or program or mall shopping

Tell her how you are unable to be just friends with her because there is more to your friendship and you cannot control yourself in not expressing your love towards her.

If you are in a long-distance relationship

If you are dating a girl who doesn’t live in the same city or state as yours, you can simply create a proposal video and send it to her on WhatsApp or Facebook.

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