How to prevent sexual health diseases

Sexual health diseases include lack of sexual desire, sexual dysfunction, sexually transmitted diseases, and several others.

Having positive sexuality is one of the best ways to improve the overall health of men and women.

Prevention is one of the best ways to stay away from sexually transmitted diseases. Here are some tips for the same:

If you are having vaginal or oral sex, make sure to use a latex condom – male or female condoms.


Don’t get into any unnatural sexual activity as it may cause genital trauma and put you at a higher risk of infection.


Physical maturity is highly required for having a sexual relationship. So, don’t get into sexual activities when you are in your teens.


Don’t drink and have sex because you may get into uncontrollable sexual behavior that may cause more trouble in your life.


Consult a good doctor on a regular basis to discuss your sexual health issues. Don’t ignore the early symptoms and warning signs just because you hesitate or are shy.


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