How To Make Curd At Home

The recipe is simple!

Start heating 1 litre milk in a milk pan. It should be large enough to hold the overflowing milk. Keep stirring occasionally in the beginning. As you see steam rising along the spoon you stir, be careful, your milk is about to boil. Be careful at this stage as it may overflow.

Once it boils - becomes frothy, raises too. Switch off the stove. Cover with a lid. set aside for cooling. You should be able to touch the milk with bare hands, if it is warm enough to touch, this is the correct temperature.

Transfer to the vessel you are going to set curd in. Preferably which could retain the temperature for a while. Next, mix about 2 tablespoon of well beaten curd to the milk and stir well. With a spoon, give a good mix making sure it gets mixed well. Leave it in a warm place for setting.

After about 6 hours, the curd will be completely set. Depending on the surrounding temperature, it starts getting set,  thicken as time passes. Once set, keep the set curd in refrigerator. Gets more firmer as you refrigerate.

Take only required amount when needed and never leave it outside to prevent turning too sour.