How Much Salary ChatGPT Trainers Earn

ChatGPT AI is spreading its wings everywhere but the AI chatbot needs human assistance to learn and evolve with time.

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT has enrolled many contractors from the US to do the legwork and improve ChatGPT to give you faster and more accurate responses.

In fact, the company is only paying $15 per hour to these US-based contractors, says a report from NBC News this week.

These details were shared by Alexej Savreux, who is one of the contract workers with OpenAI.

The likes of Savreux claim the $15 per hour wage has helped him escape homelessness.

OpenAI isn’t a good paymaster in general and even the moderators working for the company are paid the bare minimum.

The report mentions that OpenAI has over 1000 remote contractors from the US, Eastern Europe, and Latin America.

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