Hanging Bridges In India!

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Forget about Bungee jumping, skydiving, and paragliding and think you were walking on a scary hanging bridge from one end to another end. Amazing Feeling, right?

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There are many hanging bridges in India, and among them, some may be really lengthy, scary, and even shaky at times, and those are:

Dibang Valley, Arunachal Pradeh

Dibang valley is an entirely green atmosphere that inhabits a serene scene. Dibang valley completely engulfed the greeny environment with the sound and rhythm of the water.

Loleygaon Darjeeling

This hanging bridge’s entrance is a heavenly way to the serene paradise but still, it looks as scary as it looks beautiful. The other end of the bridge leads to the dense forest which’s the thick forest, and the silence itself makes us feel scared.

Thimmankudru Bridge of Tonse, Karnataka

The Thimmankudru suspension bridge of Tonse in Karnataka, hanging with the support of ropes, is not too thick but runs over water. A lot of people ride over and have a pleasant walk on them.

Lohit River, Arunachal Pradesh

The bridge, which is laid over the Lohit river in Arunachal Pradesh, connects the villages of Kibithu and Kahoo. The ambiance looks quite blissful yet gives a spine-chilling walk experience when you try on it.

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