Hacks to Refresh Your Home

With a few hacks we came across and a small investment of your time, you can quickly and easily refresh your home.

Easy Yet Often Overlooked

In the kitchen, you can add a new funky faucet, trendy backsplash, and some shiny brass cabinet hardware. For the living room, a colorful throw rug under the coffee table and a couple of canvas picture prints on opposite walls can give it a fresh new look.

Make a Statement

With playful wallpaper prints or a two-tone paint job, your new accent wall will show off your creativity and instantly refresh the room.

Add Plenty of Colors

For the bedrooms, throw blankets and bedspreads with colorful prints can make a huge difference. And in the kitchen, consider adding brass tins to store your cooking utensils and change out your light coverings.

Let There Be Light

If the natural light of the room isn’t quite on target. Strategically place a few lamps in the room to brighten the atmosphere during the day or night.

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