Gujarati Snacks You Can Enjoy With Tea!

Gujarati cuisine also offers a range of delicious snacks known as farsan.

Some popular examples include Dhokla and Khakra. There are many more to discover.


A carom seed and black pepper-infused fried snack known as fafda are made with besan. It is often enjoyed with Jalebi for breakfast.

Gujarati Samosa

This popular tea treat is filled with chunky peas that have been sautéed with sugar and lime juice.  This is ideal for snacking in the evening with a hot cup of tea.

Masala puri

These crispy puris are made of wheat flour. This dish is preferred by those who like mild spicy food.


This traditional Gujarati snack tastes like papad or chips. It has a sour and spicy taste of chili powder and dry mango powder.

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