Google Introduces 'Help Me Write' Feature For Gmail 

Sundar Pichai emphasized the convenience that Gmail brings to users and announced the introduction of the ‘Help me write’ feature as the next advancement for Gmail.

Sundar highlighted a specific use case that the new ‘Help me write’ feature can facilitate.

The new feature can help you generate replies to such emails—with multiple ways to expand, summarise, and change the tone of the reply you will send.

“Just type in the prompt of what you want—an email that asks for a full refund—hit create, and a full draft appears,” Sundar said.

He added, ‘Help me write’ will start rolling out as part of our Workspace updates. And just like with Smart Compose, you’ll see it get better over time.”

With features like ‘Help me write,’ Google is trying to add more quality-of-life elements into its suite of products.

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