Four Easy Beetroot Recipes!

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Beetroot is a versatile and healthy vegetable that fits just about anywhere. This superfood is filled with essential minerals and vitamins, while also being low on calories.

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Here are 4 easy beetroot recipes you can follow


Add grated or finely chopped beets to a bowl of lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, sprouts, and carrots. Add salt, black pepper, a few lemon drops, and a small cube of butter or grated cheese.

Juice or Smoothie

From a straight juice that has nothing more than juiced beetroot, water, and some salt for garnish, to a fancy smoothie plumped up with yoghurt, berries, veggies, or nuts.


Blend beetroot, boiled chickpeas, ginger, sesame seeds, and spices of your choice. Get a consistency you like, add some bread crumbs, and get working on making small balls from this mixture. Flatten them and cook them in a small amount of oil.


Add finely chopped onion and cucumber, grated carrots and beetroot, roasted cumin powder, black pepper, and salt to whisked curd.

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