Floating Dirt in the name of Floating Hut by Le Roi

In an attempt to give Maldives feels in India, Le Roi built a unique concept of floating huts in Tehri and running them for some time now.

The huts in the name eco rooms are violating the rules and causing harm to the environment. The company Le Roi is flouting the rules and is openly playing with the environment and people’s health.

As soon as the matter reached the administration level, a thorough investigation was planned and handed over to the SDM Apporva Singh. In the complete investigation of the SDM, the negligence of the company Le Roi has been fully exposed.

On 5th of October last month, a video of the floating hut located in Tehri Lake went viral on social media exposing the reality of the business.

The video had glimpses of dirty water floating in the Tehri lake which was a waste discarded from the hut toilets and kitchen and being dumped in Tehri lake.

Three days after the viral video, the administration team inspected the floating hut and found several flaws in the operations that are hazardous to the nature.

The company operating the floating hut is clearly flouting the rules and polluting the Tehri Lake. Strict action will be taken against the operators in this matter soon.

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