Facts About Rs 75 Coin

PM Modi released a special commemorative Rs 75 coin to mark the inauguration of the new parliament building.

So, let's know its facts.

The finance ministry said the new Rs 75 coin will bear the inscription of the Parliament complex and have the image of the new Parliament building.

It will be circular in shape with a diameter of 44 millimeters and have 200 serrations along its edges.

The 35-gram coin will be made from a four-part alloy, comprising 50 per cent silver, 40 per cent copper, 5 per cent nickel and 5 per cent zinc.

One side of the coin will feature the Lion Capital of Ashoka Pillar, with the words “Satyamev Jayate” below it.

Additionally, the word “Bharat” will be written in Devanagari script on the left side and “India” in English on the right.

The coin will have the rupee symbol and the denomination value of 75 inscribed below the Lion Capital.

The coin will also have the rupee symbol and the denomination value of 75 in international numerals written below the Lion Capital.

It is not the first time a Rs 75 coin has been launched to commemorate a notable event.

In October 2020, a commemorative Rs 75 coin was released to mark the 75th anniversary of the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO).

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