Enjoy pralines with this healthy Keto recipe!

Pralines are candies that have a distinct nutty flavor. But since they are sugary, they can be fattening too.

But if you can looking for a healthier alternative to enjoy this, then have a look:


1 cup – raw pecans 112 g – Salted butter 65 g – Confectioners powdered sugar 115 g – Heavy cream 1 tsp – Vanilla extract


Preheat your oven to 400-degree celsius for 10 minutes. Simultaneously line your tray with a parchment sheet. Roast the pecans until they become fragrant. Then melt the butter on low-medium heat and add the sweetener along with the cream to it. Using a spatula, mix nicely.

Keep stirring so that it does not burn until it turns a slightly caramel-brown color. Add vanilla extract and stir nicely. To this, add the roasted pecans. Mix it nicely and then take the mixture with a tablespoon and keep it on the parchment paper.

This recipe will make you at least 10-12 pecans. Please put them in the fridge for an hour and enjoy them later!

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