Disha Patani Workout Routine And Diet

Let’s take a look at the things she does in her daily life to maintain her fitness level.

Disha Patani’s workout regime:

Disha Patani likes to work out twice a day. She begins her day with some cardio, which includes dancing, kickboxing, and gymnastics.

The actress is not fond of monotonous workouts so she always tries to include different workout regimens.

Disha is often seen trying new things like dancing, Kung Fu (she is a big fan), and many more.

Disha Patani’s balanced diet plan

Disha Patani follows a strict diet plan and maintains a balance of protein and carbs.

Her typical breakfast incorporates 2-3 eggs, milk, and juice.

However, some days she opts for cereals and milk.

As for dinner, Disha eats foods that are high in protein like chicken, eggs, salads, brown rice, or dal.

She even has healthy snacks like almonds and peanuts in the evening.

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