Decoration ideas for the Christmas season

Here we list some Christmas decorating ideas for minimalist or maximalist or small or big spaces.

Give new life to your old favorite items

You will be able to find out new designs by checking out some YouTube tutorials. Bells, potted plants, ornaments, etc. can be redesigned so that you will get seasonal items that can be reused in your home.


Come up with a unique sparkly topper

You can decorate the remaining parts of the tree with bright and glitzy colors such as gold and hot pink. The sparkly topper is a great way to celebrate New Year’s eve as well.


Use things that can be reused

Flowers are okay but then you would have to buy paper ones and not plastic ones if you are making it an eco-friendly celebration.


Decorate every corner of your home

Make sure to use colors green and red on your walls more than other colors because that will denote the celebration of the festival.


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