Creative Arts Jobs List!

Here are some creative-art-related jobs that every person should know

Fine Artists

Fine artists create original works of art, such as paintings, and designs on wood, metal, or textiles. Fine artist makes money by selling their work or displaying them at museums, in commercial or nonprofit art galleries.

Art Gallery Curator

Gallery curators are responsible for organizing art exhibitions in galleries, museums, and other venues. They may perform work like researching, writing exhibition labels, and creating catalogs to plan and install exhibitions.


Art Illustrators use their drawing skills to create book covers, magazines, advertisements, greeting cards, posters, and animations. Most illustrators are self-employed but there are some permanent jobs too.

Art Director

Art directors are responsible for creating and seeing the visual and aesthetic style of a project, such as a film, advertisement or television show. They work with a group of artists and designers to execute visual ideas for the project.

Art Therapist

Art therapists work with people who are facing problems such as mental health, addiction, and communication issues, or who are recovering from any brain injury. They mainly work in places such as hospitals and rehab centers.

Animator / Graphic Designer

Animators and Graphic Designers, usually create the illusion of movement through sequential drawings and graphics. They may work on projects such as feature films, video games, advertising, marketing, and publishing.

Art teacher/lecturer

You can teach art at primary or secondary schools and even in universities and art institutions. For this, a typical entry route is to have an art degree followed by a teaching qualification.

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