Chocolate Day Ideas For Your Partner!

While the World Chocolate Day falls in July, Chocolate Day is part of Valentine’s Week, and is celebrated on February 9.

Here are unique ways of celebrating Chocolate Day, to surprise your partners with these confectionaries.

Homemade chocolates

You can look up recipes on the internet to make a variety of chocolates filled with nuts, dried fruits or jams and other sweet fillings.

Decorate your house with chocolates

You can put up a few on the fridge, a few on the walls of your bedroom, and also on the doorstep of your house, to put a smile on your partner’s face.

Chocolaty treasure hunt

List down a few of your partner’s favourite chocolates and set up a few clues for them to crack the code, and make their way to find their treasure.

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate recipes can be easily found online. You and your partner can also enjoy a movie together to celebrate this day.

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