Know The Items You Need To Offer Prayers

If you are doing Chhath Puja for the first time, you should take note of the samgri list for the puja.

1. New clothes for the person fasting as well as other members of the house 2. Two big bamboo baskets to keep offerings in Chhath Puja aka dawri 3. Bamboo or brass vessel will be used to offer Argha to the sun 4. A set glass, lota and plate to keep milk and Ganga water for araghya 5. Coconut filled with water 6. 5 sugarcane stalks with leaves 7. Rice 8. A dozen of lamps or diya 9. Incense sticks, kumkum, lights 10. Vermilion

11. Banana leaves 12. Banana, apple, water chestnut, turmeric, radish and ginger plant 13. Sweet potato and suthni (yam species) 14. Betel nuts 15. Honey and Sweets 16. Jaggery 17. Wheat and rice flour 18. Ganga water and milk 19. Prasad- Thekwa

It is important that you collect all the necessary materials in advance as missing even a single item in Chhath Puja is considered inauspicious.

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