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Triumph in the Depths: Rescue of 41 Workers Ends 17-Day Ordeal in Uttarkashi Tunnel

Triumph in the Depths: Rescue of 41 Workers Ends 17-Day Ordeal in Uttarkashi Tunnel
Triumph in the Depths: Rescue of 41 Workers Ends 17-Day Ordeal in Uttarkashi Tunnel

Here is good news for all. All the 41 workers who were trapped in the Uttarkashi tunnel were rescued late night Tuesday. In the tunnel, they were struck for the last 17 days, but now it is a happy ending because of the successful rescue operation. It was a happy ending ordeal for India and involved a rescue operation that overcame many setbacks. 

How do people celebrate this success?

The relatives and families of trapped workers, locals, and government officials were very happy on Tuesday night because of the successful rescue operation. They rescued all 41 workers successfully. They show their happiness in joy, shout “Bharat mata ki Jai’, ” and set off firecrackers. All the workers were happily walked out for the complete body checkups by doctors. The garlands are held on their necks by officials because of the crowd. 

In fact, the minister of road transport and highways of our country, Nitin Gadkari, also posted a video and wrote that he was ” completely happy and relieved now” that all workers were successfully rescued from the Uttarkashi tunnel. Further, he also said that it was good coordination by the number of agencies that helped in this rescue operation and made it most significant. 

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Health status of rescued workers 

According to the checkups, No one was severely injured or killed, while a landslide prompted a segment of the 4.5-kilometer tunnel approximately 200 meters from the doorway to fall apart early on the morning of 12 November. The people were finishing their shifts, and plenty of them were likely looking forward to celebrating Diwali, the Hindu competition of lighting, that day.

The employees had light in the collapsed tunnel, and on the grounds that early in their ordeal, they had been supplied with food, water, and oxygen via pipes. More than a dozen doctors, including psychiatrists, were also on the website monitoring their health.

Officials said all 41 workers came out from the ordeal in the right health. Before using cameras and crowds and being whisked away in ambulances, everyone was given a checkup at a makeshift scientific camp at the tunnel entrance.

Why the rescue operation delay

The rescue was predicted to be honest and ultimately only a few days, but a series of setbacks caused its delay and led to the workers being trapped for more than two weeks. During the very last stretch, about a dozen rescuers took turns digging through rocks and particles in a single day, Monday into Tuesday, using hand-held drilling tools, said Kirti Panwar. 

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Rescuers resorted to digging by hand after the gadget they were using broke down Friday. The system bore through approximately 47 meters of the kind of 57-60 meters needed to reach the workers. The workers were rescued one after the other on a wheeled stretcher that pulled through a kind of meter-extensive (yard-huge) tunnel of welded pipes that crews had driven via the dug-out space.


There was a happy ending to the Uttarkashi tunnel collapse. The rescue operation was successful late at night Tuesday, and all 41 workers were rescued successfully. 

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