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UP Police Takes Ashish Mishra to Recreate Lakhimpur Scene

The tragic events in Lakhimpur Kheri earlier this month, when four farmers were mowed down by a car belonging to Union Minister Ajay Mishra, are being “recreated” by UP Police. The police have taken Mr Mishra’s son, Ashish, who is suspected of the farmers’ murder, and his friend and co-accused Ankit Das to the location and are re-enacting the events of that day with cop vehicles.

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The police had previously disputed that Ashish Mishra’s evident familial ties affected their decision. Following his arrest, Ashish Mishra was placed on three days’ detention with the Uttar Pradesh Police Department.

A team of Congress leaders led by Rahul Gandhi met with President Ram Nath Kovind yesterday, urging him to speak with the administration. The Congress and other opposition parties have asked that Ajay Mishra, who oversees national policing matters as the junior Home Minister, resign to ensure a fair investigation.

Rahul Gandhi has asked that two sitting Supreme Court judges investigate the Lakhimpur incident, which a UP Police Special Investigation Team is now investigating. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court previously ruled down a CBI probe into the killings, citing “persons implicated” – an apparent reference to Ajay Mishra.

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All accusations against Ashish Mishra and his father have been dismissed. The automobile belonged to Mr Mishra’s family, although he and his son were not in it at the time. He has also rejected calls to quit; last month, he met with Amit Shah’s boss.

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