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Two injured after elephant attack in Lakhimpur

Two injured after elephant attack in Lakhimpur

An incident was reported in Uttar Pradesh where two laborers working in a sugarcane field were injured after being attacked by a herd of elephants near Maheshpur range. The area comes under the social forestry region of UP’s Lakhimpur district on Sunday evening.

The two persons were identified as Md. Imamuddin aged 55 and Nizamuddin aged 50 both have been now admitted to the hospital. According to the information received both of them met with several fractures but now are out of danger. Both of them belong to Nayagaon village in Hyderabad.

According to the official statement from Divisional officer Sanjay Biswal, the attack was accidental and the authorities are now waiting for the elephants to leave the area. Following this, the officer also said that the two men were lucky enough to survive the elephant attack.

A herd of 20 elephants migrated from Nepal during Monsoon. The effect of elephants is so intense that people in the area fear coming out of their houses in the evening. The elephants in the area have created a mess and have damaged sugar cane fields of up to 50 acres. This has created a concern for the locals and the forest department.

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