Six accused in UP diary owner’s murder case

Uttar PradeshSix accused in UP diary owner’s murder case


An incident was reported last week in Amroha Uttar Pradesh where a man went missing last week. Later his body was found in a very bad condition.

According to the post-mortem report, it was found that the man was strangulated to death. Six people have been booked in the case of his wife’s complaint. His three brothers’ names were also included in the list.

According to the information received the victim allegedly had property disputation with the accused and his brother, the police had earlier ensured a proper investigation in the case, and they began to interrogate the six accused after the deceased’s wife filed a complaint.

The body of the man was recovered 1.5 km away from his house on December 20th buried in a sugarcane field. According to the information received the body recovered had several cuts which ultimately signified that the man was tortured before the murder.

The man was identified as Yogesh Kumar who was missing since December 16. The police are in the process of tracing the accused, the heinous crime will soon get retribution for the culprits said an official.

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