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1.2 crore cases pending in UP courts

1.2 crore cases pending in UP courts

Lucknow: There are more than 1.2 crore cases in various courts of Uttar Pradesh, which have been pending for many years, according to the data provided by the department of law. The department will segregate the cases filed between 1980 and 1990 and expedite them on a daily basis, official sources said.

Besides, the cases filed after 1990 are at the final round of hearing. Such cases are going to be taken up on priority. The judicial officers have been asked to dispose of similar cases accordingly. Sources further said that if it was necessary, a bench comprising single or two judges might be set up. According to a senior government officer, efforts must be made to dispose of all the old cases. Hence, the department is trying dispose of the old cases filed between 1980s and 1990s, he said.

Judicial officers have been asked to complete the trials of petty offences quickly. A Samajwadi Party (SP) legislator Atul Pradhan recently sought details of plans being made to dispose of the pending cases. After that, the law department was asked to find out the status of the pending cases. During a survey, the officials came to know that about 1.2 crore cases are pending. According to the principal secretary of the department of law Pramod Kumar Srivastava, all the stakeholders are working closely to deal with the pending cases.



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