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This US company sets an example, prioritizes its employees’ well-being

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In the times when we hear more and more companies laying off their employees and the existing employees finding it challenging to maintain a work-life balance after work-from-office has become a mandate, this US company is a new trendsetter. The software company called HackerRank based in California has made an announcement in an internal email with its employees, which has caught a storm on social media. This US company has been appreciated for its decision to introduce a nine-day break to all its employees in order to rest and recharge.

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HackerRank has given paid time off to its employees on a company-wide PTO from the first week of July. It means from the 1st to the 9th of July, all the teams of HackerRank will be taking a break to rest and recharge.

The idea is to make sure that employees don’t feel burdened to take their work home and carry out official work during their break time. HackerRank accepted that there will be process delays but the company’s culture is to go ahead with the break anyway because they give more importance to the well-being of employees. 

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During this time, the company said that the emails, interviews, and application updates will be delayed as the company is on time off. Also, the company said that they appreciate its stakeholders’ understanding as they prioritize the team’s well-being over everything else, said the internal email. All communications made during the break-time will be dealt with others from 10 July after the company resumes its operations.

In the US, the Fourth of July is a national holiday that observes the Declaration of Independence and one should make a note, of how the company took it as an opportunity to introduce only a four-day break on social media. Several professionals found the company’s initiative to be a unique and empathetic one. Some wrote how the company thought that mental health should always be a priority. Others wrote how the concept of work-life balance is given more importance. Some even wrote how breaks in the US will also give Indian employees to enjoy the less work that will come their way.

However, there were some critics who found how the company used the long weekend as an opportunity to promote break-time and gain recognition among others. 

It is indeed how a company sets a culture for its employees to give their best that matters the most nowadays. Yes, several employees look for financial benefits but there are many employees who want to have a balance in their personal and professional lives. And that’s why they prefer to collaborate with such organizations that have their motto, mission, vision, and core values based on the same philosophy. 

Work-life balance is one of the important reasons for a harmonious relationship at all levels. When employees get job satisfaction, they are able to spend quality time with their loved ones in a relaxed manner. And this helps them to promote good well-being and mental health.

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