PM Modi said the meaning of corona, Koi road par na nikle

PM Modi said the meaning of corona, Koi road par na nikle


15,000 crores allocated to fight corona virus

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi coined an acronym “CORONA” – Koi road par na nikle – to advise people not to venture out of their homes as the nationwide total lockdown will be in place for three weeks from 12 o’clock tonight.

Emphasizing the need for social distancing in tackling COVID-19, Prime Minister said, “CORONA means ‘Koi Road Par Na Nikle’ (No one must go out on the roads). You have to remember that a coronavirus infected person initially appears to be normal and doesn’t show symptoms. So maintain precautions and stay at home,” said PM Modi.

He cautioned people, saying, “If we are not able to manage the upcoming 21 days (of nationwide complete lockdown), we will be pushed back 21 years.”

The Prime Minister said, “This lockdown is in a way a curfew and would be more stringent than Janta curfew. “We may have to pay a financial cost for this lockdown but it is important for the safety of people.”

He further stated that an estimated Rs 15,000 crore has been allotted for the virus testing facilities, PPEs, ICUs, ventilators and training medical workers.

The Prime Minister also urged the public to think about the frontline healthcare workers who are fighting tirelessly against the virus.

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