3 Inspiring Tips for Living your best amid Coronavirus

3 Inspiring Tips for Living your best amid Coronavirus


From early morning till late night, I was unable to focus any one single thing properly as I was extremely scared by the news and information updates about Coronavirus. With every single day passing, I felt even I would be the next one to get tested positive. So naive I was till last night when I read a very interesting article about how one can live their best even in challenging times.

Here I share some inspiring tips to go with the flow and take each day positively:

1) Understand what makes you truly happy. Happiness doesn’t always come from earning loads of money and enjoying foreign vacations. As we are facing economic slowdown and restrictions to travel abroad due to COVID-19, ask yourself these questions about happiness: Are you happy with what you are doing? Are you satisfied with your relations with your loved ones? What do you want to achieve in future? If you find meaningful answers to these questions, then you are already on the path to happiness, which is itself success.

2) Imagine positive situations. Now you may be worried about your uncertain future, whether you will be able to complete that academic course, whether you will be able to complete your client’s work and whether you will able to build your dream house at your favourite location. Fear is all about wasting your precious time. Think about a certain positive situation over and over again with full love, joy and confidence. Sooner or later, you will be surely able to attract positive happenings in you life.

3) Utilize your current time correctly. Time is like money. The more you use it wisely, the more you will get better results. Stop cribbing, complaining and worrying. Whatever is happening is for a reason. Prepare a daily schedule and spend your time in doing things that will help you and others in the long run. Being calm and open-minded will do more good than harm to you. So, practice the same with a firm attitude and determination.

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