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Why write a Travelogue at least once in your life?


Travelogue is basically the dialogue or account of a person’s travel history from the past to the present. It is usually written using the first person and in the past tense because it covers all the happened travel events in a person’s life from his past to the present. Travelogue, which is also known as travelog, is basically the travel lecture or film or slides, which can be expressed in the form of a PowerPoint slideshow, motion picture, narrative, journal, or shared with an audience as a public lecture.

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If you are a travel freak, then it is recommended that you document an excellent travelogue at least once in your lifetime. Your travelogue can include research about the place written in a descriptive manner. It can have the highlights of different tourist attractions in the place that you have visited or have heard are good to visit. You can also describe which mode of transport you took to reach the destination. Names of some good hotels that you got to know can also be there. What you understood about the tourist attraction and its culture, don’ts and do’s can also be mentioned in the travelogue.

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Travelogue needs to be written in the first person mainly. You have to make sure that the entire story about your travel has to be written using language in the past tense. You can be conversational and interactive in your written tone. You need to give the readers some value i.e. the unique information that you discovered and they get to learn something new from your travel experiences.

Below is an example of my travelogue:

It was in April 2022 when the world was recovering from the losses that occurred during the coronavirus pandemic times. It was when my state’s restrictions on travel lifted that’s when I decided to go with my family to Pandharpur. As the season of Ashadhi Ekadashi is nearing this month, I thought to share my travelogue or travel experience that happened at Pandharpur. Pandharpur is famous for many things but it is renowned, especially for the Vitthal Rukmini Mandir which sees a huge number of devotees visiting the temple on a regular basis. 

I checked the temple website and found that we can pre-book our travel dates to the temple and get an e-pass. I checked with a travel agent based in Mumbai if they can take us to Pandharpur through road travel via car. I decided on the dates and confirmed with the travel agent. Then I booked for e-pass on the temple website, which included my name, photo, identity document number, etc. Once I got the e-pass from the temple website, I took its printout and also kept an e-copy on my mobile.

I got the travel company’s car at my home to start early in the morning. Then I and my family started going in the car and took breaks for washroom and food at regular intervals only at the restaurants that were located on the highways. We boarded at the hotel in a span of seven hours and rested for a while. We went to the temple the next day morning and produced our e-pass to the concerned authorities. It took almost two hours to get inside the temple and get the darshan. The queue was too much and there was no consideration for the elderly or small children. Indeed it was a good darshan and a divine experience to share with all in my life.

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