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Tips to travel with the elderly and children on flights

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Small children who are below three years old and elderly parents who are above 60 years of age find it exhausting when it comes to traveling on flights. Not everyone has good health when it comes to elderly people. Moreover, traveling on a flight means engaging in various formalities that need to be completed on time. If you are traveling with small children or elderly parents or in-laws, here are some tips to make their air travel comfortable.

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1) Reach the airport 3 hours before flight time:

You may wonder why so much time is required when reaching 2 hours before the flight time is more than enough. But with elderly people and small children, that’s not the case. They would need their time to go to the loos, use restrooms, and even have lunch or dinner as per the flight timings. So, instead of hurrying them up if there is a long queue in the security and boarding procedures, do things quite slowly so that they can enjoy the journey without any worry.

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2) Take lunch or snacks from home:

Home-made meals are allowed to be consumed before entering the flight. As whatever you get to eat in the airport would be costlier plus not that easier to be decided for small children and elderly parents, you can get lunch boxes from home that can be consumed and the boxes can be disposed of before entering the flight. If the flight offers you food or not, make sure that your elderly parents and small children have completed their meals beforehand. Take enough water from home that you can drink while sitting in the airport because as I said, buying water or food from the airport would become a costly affair.

3) Carry luggage based on the requirements:

If you are someone who is traveling with an elderly parent or a small child and there is no one else with you except them, then make sure to have less luggage and not many bags. Because they would need your assistance and you cannot leave them anywhere while you go to complete all the formalities. You can book a wheelchair while booking your flight tickets and also take up a Priority check-in ticket where your entry to the flight would be before other passengers. 

4) Carry tablets and medical kit in your handbag:

Elderly parents or small children if they are traveling for the first time by air will have a lot of anxiety. Because the airport has many formalities to be completed, wherein you would have to show your identity card, flight tickets, and boarding pass at the initial counters before you enter the main gate. Ensure to check with them if they are feeling uneasy or require water or any tablets to control their excitement. If they complain of any health-related issues, just give them the needed medical support. Don’t neglect their requirements and don’t be in a rush. Take them slowly from one point to another and keep explaining to them whatever procedures you are completing so that they are aware.

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