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Tips to travel smoothly in a low-budget plan


Are you someone who gets stressed whenever you hear the word “Travel“? Are you someone who is afraid to break bank savings or fixed deposits just because you have to travel to an XYZ place with your kids or family members? Are you someone who doesn’t earn enough and that’s why prefer to avoid social gatherings that are planned by your relatives at far-distant places? Are you someone who doesn’t have enough travel memories just because you are always low on your budget or income?

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Well, here are solutions for picking up a budget-friendly travel plan and also fulfilling your travel dreams. Go through the tips and advice below.

1) Don’t plan your travel when it is festive time:

If you think you will travel during your festival holidays or summer vacations with your children, you will end up really losing a lot of money that you really don’t want to. Instead, you should pick up days when there won’t be many crowds and opt for low airplane costs and destinations that fit under your budget in a non-festive period. This will help you to travel and even stay in non-expensive lodges because usually travel cost increases only when there is huge demand. When there is no demand, the fares are minimal and you will also get hold of many places that you would have to generally skip during the festive season due to huge traffic and crowds.

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2) Go for local transport and airlines:

Some travel websites actually don’t offer you good deals but instead loot out the money from you because they track your search results and preferences. Instead of going by the offers or deals of the travel websites, you can book tickets on low-cost airlines that will fit your budget. You can also opt to walk by near and far distances or take up share autorickshaws or buses where the fare would be quite less if you want to reach from one destination to another in your travel journey. Eating food in a Dhaba or a local restaurant would be a much better idea than looking for a 3-star or 4-star hotel for your stay and food arrangements. Local cuisine is served best in dhabas than in restaurants. So, spend wisely and safely.

3) Don’t wear expensive clothes just because you are traveling:

You can opt for simple attire with a kurta or pajama or a t-shirt and pants that make you look like a simple tourist. Don’t wear expensive glasses or watches that make you look like a rich kid on the block. When you walk simply, you will be known by the looks of a simple person and thus, the cost that will be charged to you by the local shops will be less compared to what they will charge when they see you in expensive attire. You will save enough money on your purchases that you can utilize for your next trip. 

Have your own travel plan rather than depending on a tour guide or a travel agent because it will save you a lot of money that is spent unnecessarily on unwanted sight-seeings and places.

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