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Things to do in your flight travel

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Whether you are traveling for the first time or several’th times, you should know certain things that are quite productive and useful if you do during your flight travel. Doing these things will ensure that your airplane travel is safe, smooth, and interesting. You will not really get bored and also have some memories to share with your friends when you are back home. Here is some interesting stuff to try out during your next flight travel.

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1) Binge-watch Amazon or Netflix movies:

Usually, flight journeys last for 2-3 hours and it involves people staying back in their seats throughout except getting up for washroom breaks. Instead of snoring or sleeping, you can simply take up a movie, get connected to the WiFi, and watch a wonderful movie on Amazon Prime or Netflix, or any other OTT platform. Of course, keep your headphones ON so that people don’t get disturbed by the dialogues and music associated with the film. Avoid watching steamy movies because you may not be able to control your emotions if your co-passenger is quite handsome.

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2) Read inspring books:

If watching movies is not your thing, then you can take up one inspiring book and start reading it. You never know by the time you complete reading half the book, you would get the announcement that you have reached your destination. Make sure to understand what was the message of the inspiring book. Many times people get confused with what they read if they don’t really read each word and understand its sense. 

3) Talk to a co-passenger if they are interested:

If you have a co-passenger seated next to you who wants to know more about you and even share about himself or herself, then you shouldn’t mind making friends with each other for the time being. You never know if the person turns out to be quite a genuine one and you can have great friendships in the long run. But don’t reveal every detail about you and just one thing at a time that your co-passenger can note.

4) Make your travel worth:

Say, for example, if you haven’t been used to traveling on flights quite often, then you can really note down each minute detail of what it takes to travel by air. Like the airport processes, how to care for your important handbag and documents, what can be carried and what is not in your luggage, and also how much time it usually takes when you depart and arrive at the airport. Also, check out how the air hostesses come to you for assistance in traveling by air. These details can be noted down by you in a book or a mobile notepad and you can exchange it with your friends or travelers whom you meet with air travel anxiety. 

5) Chant sacred mantras:

Maybe you can chant some religious mantras or sing some bhajans in a low voice that can be heard only by you and not others. You can even think of counting or writing the mantras in a book or you can keep the religious songs on your mobile ON with your headphones and ensure that your worries die down throughout the journey.

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