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Things to NOT DO in your spiritual visit to temples


Temples or any religious institution or spiritual place or sacred area has to be visited in the most authentic way possible. You cannot just get up from your bed in the morning or afternoon at any time of the day and think of visiting a spiritual place. Be of any religion or caste, every spiritual place is built with utmost faith and belief in God or the Supreme Power. Hence, devotees of any religion or caste are expected to follow certain rules and regulations as a mark of respect and honor to the people working in the divine sector as well as to God.

What is Spiritual Wellness?

1) Don’t wear modern clothes:

If you are visiting a temple, understand that you are going to visit a place where people from different age groups who believe in customs, traditions, and rituals are going to be there. You may be an ultra-modern person but when it comes to visiting religious places, you can simply wear a salwar kameez or sarees (for females) and decent pantsuits or traditional attire (for males). It will help you get respect and appreciation from others as well because you will be looked upon as someone who abides by the temple rules and regulations.

‘God sees truth, but waits’, even by Leo Tolstoy’s dictum, justice has waited too long for Bitta Karate

2) Don’t keep checking your mobile or taking selfies:

When it comes to visiting a temple, your intention is to get blessings from God and also spend some serene time at the place. If you are again busy taking your office or personal calls or checking what someone is posting on social media when you are at the temple, then there is no use in visiting the place. Also, avoid taking selfies outside or inside the temple. It really puts off many people who have come here to seek peace and harmony. Your mobile tone and the act of clicking photos will really make others feel insecure and lose their calmness.

3) Avoid talking to others with whom you have come:

If you keep talking or chit-chatting about your relatives or any random topic when you are inside a temple, you are really creating chaos in a peaceful place. You are supposed to keep quiet and focus all your energies and attention on the idols and sculptures placed inside the temple. You can even listen to the bhajans that are running on the temple premises by people or a recorder. But don’t talk about anything irrelevant with your friends or relatives inside the temple premises when you are inside the temple.

4) Don’t brag about your status or class:

When there is a queue outside the temple to enter the venue or inside the temple for getting prasads, ensure that you follow the queue system. Do not enter inside just like that because you are a rich shot or you are working as the manager of ABC company. You are not supposed to show how much wealth you have accumulated when you are visiting a spiritual place. You are supposed to keep aside your ego and pride when you are going to the temple or religious place. 

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