Nervous about first-time flying? Read on

TravelNervous about first-time flying? Read on


Are you someone who is going to an airport and flying for the first time in an airplane? Well, fret not because it is not as scary as you might have seen in movies. Also, you need not get such extreme thoughts about the plane crash as some heroines in movies to show and keep chanting their mantras. Well, airport travel has been made simpler and easier for several flyers of different types. Here are some ways how you can reduce your tensions in flying in an airplane for the first time.

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1) Get your tickets printed and memorized:

You may be someone who is used to train or bus traveling but when it comes to airplane travel, you might be the one to get goosebumps. Well, just like a bus or train, you need to book the airplane tickets but quite in advance if you want the fares to be low. Yes, the fares compared to a train and bus is quite costlier but if you take the help of travel websites like goibibo or makemytrip and others, you will surely get some good deals. Once you have booked the tickets, ensure to take its printout and also know by heart your flight ticket details such as seat number, flight number, date of departure, and time of departure also add the important documents of your Pan, Aadhaar, driving license among others -xerox and original both. Keep one copy of your flight ticket on your mobile as well so that you can see them whenever you want. You can reach the three hours before the departure time at the airport because everything will be new to you to learn and work upon.

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2) Use the Greet and Meet Services of the airport:

If you are traveling in a festive time, then there will definitely be a lot of rush. There would be people out there but all busy with their own bags and check-in processes. So, it is better to use the assistance services that are offered in the airport to travelers for making their travel hassle-free. Meet and Greet services provide an executive who will guide you right from when you enter the airport gate till you board your flight. They also provide buggy and porter services for your luggage if you have overburdened it with some great stuff to give to your relatives and friends at your travel destination.

3) Check out the Lounge, Spa, and even Food Court:

You may have eaten or not something while you left your home being nervous about catching your first flight. Instead of worrying about how the journey will go, you can simply relax and chill out at premium lounges at the airport while the announcement will be made right before your flight needs to be boarded. You can also check out the live food counters and fill your crazy stomach that must be hungry. You can even connect your mobile or laptop’s internet with the airport’s WiFi and relax as time passes by. Getting a new haircut or makeover or chilling your body in the spa is also one option that you can try out at the airport.

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