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Mumbai’s Best Getaways To Explore!

Mumbai's Best Getaways

Lifestyle Desk – Are you planning to travel to Mumbai? if yes, then you are in the right place. We will share a list of the best getaways to explore in Mumbai. Whether you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle or want to experience something new. These places are good to go.

These locations are located near the city and you surely have a perfect weekend getaway there. From beach vacation to a scenic hill station, Mumbai has everything that a traveler craves. Let’s take a look and start your adventure today.


Mumbai's Best Getaways

This is a perfect place for adventure seekers. It is a small town located around 550km from Mumbai. The place is famous for its white sandy beaches, clear waters, and picturesque scenery. Travelers can enjoy water sports such as snorkeling and scuba diving. Besides that, you can also take a boat ride on the Karli Rive and can explore nearby beaches like Kolam and Achara.


Mumbai's Best Getaways

Kolad is a paradise for all adventure lovers, it is located 110 kilometers from Mumbai. The place is also referred to as the “Rishikesh of Maharashtra”. It is blessed with scenic valleys, lush dense forests, and sublime hills. You can enjoy water sports like kayaking, rappelling, and white water rafting. Also, you can try hiking or bungee jumping.


Mumbai's Best Getaways

Chikhaldara also known as the only coffee-making location in Maharashtra is located in the Amravati district. It is a breezy hill station covered in clouds. It will surely take your breath away as it is surrounded by beautiful lakes, waterfalls, and exotic wildlife. The place is home to tigers and rare wildlife species including barking deer, chousingha, and sambar. Besides that, you can also explore the Narnala Fort, the Tribal Museum, and Semadoh Lake.


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