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Importance of following guidelines while traveling to worship places


Spirituality is the new norm. Well, people don’t like to be called orthodox, traditional, outdated, rigid believers of God, or highly religious nowadays. People who trust that there is a God like to be called spiritual seekers. They don’t believe that there is only one God and are willing to accept all forms of God and pray to them for their emotional and spiritual well-being.

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So, when I read an article about the new film’s controversy of the hero practicing Hinduism, I was quite shocked. I mean I agree with the scientist’s interview with a media outlet wherein he is asking people why can’t they show a hero praying to God and following the rituals of being a Brahmin. Is it wrong to be belonging to any particular religion in modern times? I mean his take was absolutely correct. We live in a liberal society wherein every person has the ownership right to choose the way they want to live or do what they want in life.

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If you have been thinking that traveling only to adventure places or top destinations in India or abroad will give your soul travel peace, then let’s remind you that there is one more sector of spiritual travel that you must surely explore irrespective of which religion or caste you belong to. God really doesn’t differentiate his children and be it any God. I have only seen people who work in the religious or spiritual sector lay certain norms so that there is a smooth journey going on when you enter a religious place.

When a person can sit for 8 to 10 hours in front of his laptop just because his work demands it so, why not adhere to the guidelines that the temple priests or religious places heads have already laid down for the overall good of people. There is no point in arguing or debating about things that have been being followed for more than a hundred years. So, if you are traveling to a spiritual place that asks you to enter the place only at a particular time and also follow certain dress and behavioral guidelines, your value will not go down if you follow the same. 

In fact, you will set an example to other youngsters who have agitated minds and feel that all the spiritual tourism giving peace and happiness is all bogus. You can be the leader who can show such kind of people with a negative mindset that traveling to a religious place and abiding by the guidelines is for the betterment of one and all. It not only helps the place to be maintained well but also doesn’t lead to any chaos for the people present inside and outside the religious place.

The current COVID-19 times also have some mandatory guidelines to be followed in certain places of worship where the areas report more coronavirus cases in recent times. So, checking the guidelines mentioned on the temple or religious place website and also abiding by the rules written outside the premises will only help you travel safely and also promote harmony among others.

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