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Here is what you can do to travel care-free at Christmas


Christmas holidays are next month. Many companies who have foreign clients or western work culture usually provide 5 to 10 days of holidays for their employees. Some colleges and schools also usually give 5 to 6 days’ holidays to students till the New Year arrives. So, if you are wanting to travel within the country or abroad during the winter, then follow some safety tips to travel carefree.

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1) Know that you are vaccinated against the coronavirus disease with 2 full doses and also have taken the booster or third dose.

2) Check the travel advice and rules for your locations, including the places where you will stay for a short time.

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3) Get yourself updated about the COVID-19 limitations and rules for your destinations if there are any risk factors, increasing number of cases, etc.

4) Make yourself acquainted with travel delays or disruptions because of the large crowds that will set out to travel during the holidays. You need to understand that a huge staff is required to manage increasing crowds, so adjust to the staff shortages and lack of timely services during your travel.

5) Get travel insurance and read the entire document carefully. Ensure that you are covered for COVID-19 in your travel insurance.

6) Keep a tab on the healthcare facilities in your destinations. It is not mandatory to fall sick but in case any of your family members require medical help, then you should be prepared for such a strainful situation.

7) Try to follow social distancing as much as possible. Keep your hands sanitized regularly. Wear masks as much as possible, and don’t reuse the same masks throughout the journey. If you find someone is coughing or sick with a temperature, then you can distance yourself from them.

8) Be ready for last-minute travel changes. Keep a tab or stay tuned to the local news of your destination for smooth and safe travel.

9) Know the emergency assistance contact numbers and email ids if you fall sick and need immediate assistance.

10) If you are feeling too much difficulty traveling and are suffering from an illness, then having an emergency contact detail of a good doctor on your mobile phone will come help.

Christmas is a beautiful occasion wherein you can really find some amazing decorations all over the world. Not just in India, but several places in the world host amazing sale seasons and also have offers. You can roam around in the evening time wherein there will be lighting and decorations that will make you feel quite good about the entire atmosphere.

Whatever it is, wherever you go, make sure to follow all the precautions required to travel safely. I am sure you will have a safe journey if you are traveling with known people and not roaming around with strangers. You can discuss your travel plans and ideas with even the hotel officials where you are staying so that they can guide you for tourist attractions and also the costs involved in the journey.

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