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Do you have a Travel Personality? Here’s how to find out which one

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Traveling is a passion or fun-time activity for some people, while for others, travel is just another task to be done. Everyone has to travel now or later for work or personal or passing time. I am sure you must have traveled to at least one different location than yours in your lifetime. Do you recall how were you placed when you traveled? Were you excited? Or were you anxious? Or were you bored, a difficult person to manage, and irrational for the people with whom you traveled? How you act and react while traveling has a lot to tell others about your travel personality. Your traveling style is a sign to others of how frequently you have been to other places. Here is how you can find your travel personality. Read on.

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1) Quick traveler:

You are someone who doesn’t spend much time planning how and where to travel. If you think about traveling, you are book tickets and even hotel rooms. You are done and there and posting your selfies on social media just a few days later you announced your travel ideas. You don’t waste time thinking about what people will think if you take that day off for going somewhere. You are not a people pleaser but someone who is spontaneous and always on the go. You don’t mind traveling on someone’s behalf as well if they send you to attend a wedding or a function or some important project work. Your travel bags are always ready and you just need a reason to step out of your home.

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2) Overthinking Traveler:

As the title says, you are someone who doesn’t know how to pause or stop your worrying patterns. You will find such overthinkers while traveling to different places. You always think of backup plans if your existing travel tickets or accommodation or bookings get canceled. You are trapped in your plan A, plan B, plan C, and whatnot! You want things to be just too perfect. You don’t want to give reasons to others if you vomit during your travel period and that’s why you would have all the necessary medications and tablets in your first-aid kit that you would be keeping in your bag. Your overthinking patterns affect others who accompany you to enjoy the travel. You don’t find the time to relax because you are busy making your next move in the travel plan.

3) Introvert and Solo Traveler:

If you are an introvert and don’t want a group of people to accompany you, you always travel alone. You like to take pictures of tourist destinations all on your own and you won’t even ask a stranger to click your pictures because you would find that unsafe. You are not nervous around others but you are comfortable in your own way with your own self. You like talking to yourself, making plans, organizing your travel plans, and wanting to be just carefree. You don’t want others to know what is the next thing you are going to do when you travel and that’s why your travel plans are always private or hidden. 

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