5 Lockdown travel jokes to make you smile today

Travel5 Lockdown travel jokes to make you smile today


5 Lockdown travel jokes to make you smile today

Lockdown is back to action. Yes, the same coronavirus lockdown that was quite popular last year due to the pandemic situation. This year, the situation could have been avoided but however, we all are now trapped in the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, state governments all over India have started to impose strict lockdowns to save people’s lives and curb the spread of the deadly virus. While the outside world has become chaotic, let us now pause for a while and smile at some interesting jokes regarding lockdown travel.

1) Bill Gates, the great American business magnate used to travel to the office every day for 27 years. Last year, he was noticed working from home due to the pandemic situation. Now we understand the possible reason for his divorce from his wife Melinda Gates. That’s why husbands should take care and stay calm. hahaha

2) If your girlfriend decided to travel from her place to your place during the lockdown period, it is time to break up. Just imagine if the government cannot control her, how much chance you have in your life to control her? Hahahah

3) Travel to the vaccination center and get the jabs and live corona-free is as much as a myth as travel to the honeymoon destination after marriage and live happily ever after. Hahaha

4) Do you know that once you will be admitted to an ICU in a hospital after testing coronavirus, your mobile phone and laptop will be with your wife for 14 days. So, be careful, wear a mask and travel safely.

5) A new leave application is doing rounds on the internet. It reads, Dear boss, since I am suffering from my wife at home due to work from home, kindly provides me two days work from the office every week.

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