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3 Reasons you are a Travel Junkie

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If you are being called a Travel Junkie, then you are truly someone who just loves to travel here and there and keep your social media followers updated with your travel diaries. A travel junkie means a person who not just travels to foreign destinations but is also comfortable being clicked with the sun and the moon, beach, and mountains. Here are some reasons why you should accept the tag of Travel Junkie.

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1) You simply love the peace and calmness:

Every now and then you find yourself heading to a natural place and sitting idle with your hat and comfy attire. You like taking selfies with yourself and also find serenity in your travel destinations. You are someone who doesn’t get interested in getting clicked in pubs or discos but you are someone who wants to travel alone to nature’s best places once every 15 days or a month. It makes you feel proud when you find peace and quietness on the beach or mountain areas.

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2) You get adapted to the travel destination:

You don’t mind wearing the attire that villagers do. You don’t mind transforming your hairstyle and looks based on the location that you have traveled to. You don’t mind shedding those egoistic thoughts and find fun in trying different colored dresses as per the location. No make-up looks, casual clothes, and also candid photos are some of the ways you like to travel to a location.

3) You are crazy about taking photos and also getting clicked:

Be it a hilly place or a shopping mall or a festive event, you are someone who is always with your mobile phone camera or actual camera. You are crazy about recording each and everything that you see during your journey. You also take bytes of people whom you meet on your way and also get them clicked. Not just that, you don’t mind going out of the way to make friends with random strangers who work in the tea stall or the accommodation where you take to stay. You are someone who can simply click 1000 photos in a day without feeling bored and that makes you truly a travel junkie.

No matter what, travel expenses are considered to be an investment by you to learn and grow in life. When people come to you asking where did you get that new bag or a beautiful dress, you have all the answers by the heart of which location you got that new stuff from. You encourage people to travel and learn new things in life. For you, without traveling, there is no life and that’s why you get really bored when you meet quite calculative and practical people.

Being a travel junkie comes naturally to you and you don’t do what you do to travel because of pleasing someone. In fact, you travel because you are a travel bug who wants to know new things in your life and keeps roaming from one place to another. Hopping to different cities comes easier to you and you don’t need a sales job to know where you get what thing at the best price.

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